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                    The structure of the optical platform

                    Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/9/28 15:40:08 Hits:726
                    Optical platforms, also known as optical breadboards, optical desktops, scientific desktops, and experimental platforms, provide a level and stable tabletop. Generally, the platform requires vibration isolation and other measures to ensure that it is not interfered by external factors, so that scientific experiments can proceed normally. The optical platform is divided into fixed type and adjustable type in function; passive or active type.

                    The optical platform pursues the level, and the entire table is extremely flat when it is first processed. After that, the table top is placed on the four airbags connected to it to ensure the table top level. The table is covered with engineering threaded holes arranged in a square, and optical components can be fixed with these holes and corresponding screws. In this way, when you complete the construction of the optical equipment, the system will basically not be changed by external disturbances. Even if the countertop is pressed, it will automatically return to the level due to the airbag.

                    1. Main components

                    The basic components of the standard optical platform include: top plate; bottom plate; side face finishing; side plate; honeycomb core; sealed cup, etc.

                    1. The structure of steel

                    The high-quality platform and breadboard shall have an all-steel structure, including a top and bottom plate with a thickness of 5 mm, and a precision-machined welded steel honeycomb core with a thickness of 0.25 mm. The honeycomb core is made by a clear laminating tool, and its geometric spacing is guaranteed by welding flat gaskets. The honeycomb core structure in the platform and breadboard extends from the top plate to the bottom plate without a transition layer in the middle, thus forming a platform product that is stronger and more thermally stable;

                    2. Thermal stability

                    The key to thermal stability lies in the symmetrical and uniform steel structure in all axial directions. The extensibility and shrinkage of steel parts in the heat exchange process are similar, and they can maintain good flatness during temperature changes. The steel honeycomb core structure extends from the top plate to the bottom plate, and there is no plastic or aluminum leakage management structure in the middle, so it will not reduce the overall rigidity of the platform or introduce a higher coefficient of thermal expansion. We use steel side panels instead of wood panels, which eliminates the environmental instability caused by humidity;

                    3. Precision machining

                    The special feature of the automated processing system platform and the breadboard is the matte surface processing of the automatic track machinery, which is smoother and smoother than the old platform products. After these platforms have been improved by surface polishing, the surface flatness can reach ±0.1 mm (±0.004 inches) within 1 square meter (11 square feet), which provides a contact surface for the mounting parts, and does not require the use of abrasive tools to face the top surface Sanding;

                    4. Large radius angle

                    The platform and breadboard design can also use large radius rounded corners, which can reduce sharp edges in the laboratory and improve safety.

                    2. Main accessories

                    1. Support frame

                    The optical platform includes a rigid, non-vibration isolation support frame, a passive vibration isolation support frame, and an active self-leveling support frame;

                    2. Other accessories

                    Other accessories of the optical platform include shelves, mounts, under-desk shelves, vibration isolation accessories, optical platform accessories that can be installed with poles, adjustable optical climbing frame mounts, earthquake suppression, optical breadboard covers, light-shielding materials, and magnetism Thin slices and so on.

                    The above is to share with you the relevant content of the optical platform structure. I hope that through the above content, everyone can have a better understanding and understanding of the optical platform products.
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