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                    There are so many optical accessories, do you know how to use it?

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                    1. Cellular network

                    Among these accessories, the cellular network is the most commonly used. Its main function is to reduce glare, reduce UGR, and improve visual comfort. Because of its low cost (if edge wrapping is not required, there is no need to open the mold), so many manufacturers will provide cellular network configuration for some products. In application, it has light loss. In addition, the potential impact that may exist is that if it is too close to the wall or improperly installed, the light spot will have obvious honeycomb lines.

                    2. Cloth pattern glass/frosted glass

                    Cloth pattern glass/frosted glass is also called soft light glass. The main function is to diffuse the light, so as to soften and beautify the spot, or it is also suitable for lamps that cannot be dimmed. After installation, the lamp is too bright or too overexposed, you can add this glass for illuminance value reduce. The cost is also relatively cheap, but there is not much demand for this type, so there are fewer and fewer glass manufacturers willing to take orders. Everyone is slowly replacing it with optical films.

                    3. Stretched glass

                    Stretched glass is an optical accessory that must be used to realize elliptical light spots and long strip light spots. There are two ways to achieve an elliptical spot. One is that the design of the lens/reflector is originally elliptical, and the surface texture of the lens is usually striped. However, this kind of development cost is relatively high, and many companies will not invest tens of thousands of yuan for a small amount of demand, so they still use stretched glass. Its effect is mainly to achieve proportional stretching of circular spots, such as 15*55°, which is relatively elliptical, and 10*80, which is slender and slender. However, the effect of stretching the glass is not too fine, and it is prone to problems such as non-soft spots and dark shadows in the middle. Now some people will gradually adopt materials such as optical films or stretched PC films.

                    Four, hood

                    Lens hood is also called extended anti-glare tube. The main function is to extend the lamp body, hide the light source, increase the shading angle, reduce the UGR value, and hide the glare, thereby making the vision more comfortable. Commonly used in museum lighting fixtures. The development cost is relatively low, and it generally does not need to open a mold and is realized by car parts. Therefore, many museum lighting with high requirements will be equipped with this accessory.

                    5. Shading frame/anti-glare frame

                    The purpose of this kind of accessory is to reduce the glare value. Commonly used structures are steering wheel type and cross type. The anti-glare effect is better, but if the design is not good, it will affect the formation of the spot.

                    Six or four blades

                    Four leaves, you can imagine it by hearing the name, its appearance is 4 leaves. The main function is: light collection, dimming, or anti-glare. Some museums in Europe and Japan prefer to use it. Many museums in the country will use it, and there are also some quite individual clothing shops that will add four leaves.

                    Seven, stained glass

                    Stained glass was first used in stage lighting, because of the change of colored light of different colors. Later, some bars, KTVs, museums, etc. will use stained glass to achieve the atmosphere effect of colored light. (Because there was no LED at the earliest, the halogen lamp could not be colored), so why are people still using it in the LED era? Why not use the RGB color LED light source directly? The reasons may be: 1. The cost of using colored glass is lower; 2. The method is flexible. If there is no need to change the color of a lamp later, just remove the glass.

                    8. UV glass

                    This is a relatively expensive glass in accessories. Its main function is to isolate harmful bands in the spectrum, such as infrared and ultraviolet. Because in the halogen lamp period, the cultural relics of the museum require high protection, halogen lamps must be loaded with this kind of glass in some places to be used, otherwise the damage to the cultural relics will be irreversible. But in the LED era, the spectrum is relatively pure, and the damage in this area is negligible, so now lighting products hardly need to be equipped with such glass.
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